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Natural Deodorant


Looking for a natural deodorant that actually keeps you from smelling without irritating your skin?  Look no further!  Our natural deodorant is our most popular repeat purchase (followed closely by salves and sore muscle rub) for good reason!

Shea  butter and coconut oil are the base oils in this deodorant.  The  product is solid at room temperature but at body temperature it goes on  like a lotion.  To apply, scrape a small (pea sized) amount onto your  fingers and rub into your arm pits.  

Herbal Infused Salves


Calendula infused salve is an exceptionally soothing moisturizer.  It is great for sensitive skin, and is even safe on your face!  Because it does not contain water, it has a reasonable shelf life (about 2 years) even without preservatives.

All of our salves are created by  soaking herbs in organic olive oil for 4-6 months in glass containers in  a cool dark place (like the calendula pictured above).  This oil  is then combined with beeswax and essential oils at low temperatures.  

Sore Muscle Rub


I started making our sore muscle  rub after getting into a car accident several years ago.  At the time, I  had been making our calendula salve for a few years and had seen how  powerfully herbs can work.  I studied, read, and experimented with  various combinations of herbs and came up with a combination that I  love.  I hope you love it too!

The texture of the sore muscle rub makes it perfect for massage.

Frankincense Oil


Frankincense has been used for millennia for relaxation, skin care,  and religious purposes.  Frankincense is wonderful for many uses, including minimzing certain types of scaring and reducing sun spots, age spots, and fine lines and wrinkles.  

Our Frankincense Oil is made by melting frankincense resin into an oil which can be directly applied to the skin without dilution.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Not for int

Shaving Products


 Pre-shave oil is a beautiful  little secret previously only known to the men that shave with a  straight edge.  It's time to let the secret out!  This thick oil softens  and moisturizes your skin while providing a layer of protection while  you shave.  

Great gift for men or women.  Works with straight edge, safety razor, or  disposable.  Our pre-shave oil reduces razor burn, nicks, and cuts and  gives you a closer, more gentle shave.  

Botanical Lip Balm


While some lip balms contain  synthetic ingredients and can dry your lips, our lip balms are all  natural and contain copious amounts of vitamin E, calendula, and other nourishing  oils.  Try it for yourself... you may never go back!  

Our lip balms,  like our other products do not contain synthetic preservatives and are  best when used within 1-2 years of purchase. 

Product List

All products are made fresh, in small batches. They do not contain preservatives & should be used within 2 years of purchase.